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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone new member here. 36yr old male. I’ll try to sum it up the best I can but basically I have been on Adderall for four years. First 6 months therapeutic then the next 1.5yrs typically 30mg orally and snorting 50-60mg. I finally switched to Vyvanse and tapered off over 6months. Went 6months clean and then the past year back to the same habit. In 2 weeks I’m quitting again and I’m really hoping this time it’s for good. I have been a competitive bodybuilder for almost 10 years so luckily with the arsenal of supplements I take and healthy diet I’m hoping that helped some of the neurotoxici side effects. For mental disorders I have been to several therapists and they cannot diagnose me according to DSM but I have “traits” of borderline personality disorder, depression, ADHD and anxiety. Current meds are 10mg a Lexapro and 100mg Lamical. My goal during this detox is to recover my dopamine system. Another negative is during my bodybuilding career for about 6 years straight i used low doses of Cabergoline (.5-1mg/wk) to counteract prolactin side effects from certain steroids. So I’m assuming my dopamine system is pretty screwed. I take an astronomical amount of supplements for health and I want to maximize my recovery and restore dopamine the best I can. Below is a list of supplements I put together that all seem to help do this in one way or the other. Some of these might be overkill but I’d like your opinion. Jiaogulan 45% Gypenosides yeilding 370mg/day(or should I use more?) Tributyrin- 500mg 3x/day KB220(SynaptaLean) BH4 2.5mg/wk BPC-157 120mcg/day DanShen Ashitaba Lingzhi red reishi cordyceps Lions Mane palmitoylethanolamide Benfotamine clove extract forskolin ginko biloba holy basil Schizandra Rholiola ksm-66 Mucuna(120mg L-Dopa) UMP(250mg/day) Magnolia extract Suma root Bioperine Cardamom DopaMind(green oat extract) • Phosphatidylserine 800mg/day • DL-Phenylalanine 500mg 2x/day • NALT 350mg 2x/day • CBD 25mg/day(GetZen Organic Coconut Oil CBD isolate) • Eph/dha oil 3G 2x daily • Astaxanthin 15mg/day • Panax Ginseng • Siberian Eleuthero • Resveratrol • Vitamin C complex 2g 3x/day • VitE complex 400iu/day • D3 10,000iu day • NA-RALA 125mg 2x/day • ALCAR 500mg 2x/day • MitoQ 10mg/day • cycloastragenol 25mg/day Astrogalaside IV 20% 100mg/day • PQQ 20mg/day • Selenium 100mcg/day 3-4 days/wk • NAC 600mg/day • b-12 5000mcg/day(jarrow) • (B6) P-5-P 25mg/day • L-Methylfolate • Free Acid HMB 1g 2x/day • Shilajit Fulvic Acid 250mg/day(Jarrow) • Taurine 2-3g/day • Gastrodin 300mg/day • VSL#3 probiotic 1/day • Tru Niagen 250mg 2x/day • Creatine Monohydrate 5-10g/day • Night: magnesium l threonate Magtein 2010mg • 300mcg Melatonin/night • Skullcap(baicalensis) version. • 200-400mg L-Theanine • 15mg transdermal Pregnenolone • 30mg transdermal DHEA • I’m on HRT so I don’t have to worry about testosterone and HGH. • Don’t want to add any dopamine antagonists as that would just further hold progression. Basically I’m looking to restore my dopamine system and not suffer from the with drawl and anhedonia. A few doctors told me it will take years for the dopamine system to recover but then again people with disabilities are told it would take years to walk again and with the proper supplements they fixed it in a fraction of time. That’s basically what I’m looking to do.
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