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So the bells thread seems dead and it seems pointless to put my personal workouts in there-especially since fuck those crazy 500 per day workouts. Y'all are crazy.   I am feeling really good

Hard mental week for me. More stupid mind games fucking me up. I've let most mindfulness slip and that means shit is getting to me again.   Because of the stress, I haven't worked out much,

301.6 yesterday after a walk.   I've gotten in several 18h fasts after having a hard time managing even 12 for a few weeks.    I "ran" a mile in 14:26 today. I haven't run a mile t

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Went on a Walkrunjog for 3 miles. 15:50 average mile. 


Will do some kind of KB work tomorrow. I'll find some kind of Squat/pull complex for tomorrow. 




2-handed swingsx20

1-handed swingsx10 L/R

Goblet Squats (large bell)x10

Rowsx10 L/R


Again, done as a complex, no pausing until the bloc is over.

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21 hours ago, Emperor G_D said:

Went on a Walkrunjog for 3 miles. 15:50 average mile. 


Will do some kind of KB work tomorrow. I'll find some kind of Squat/pull complex for tomorrow. 




2-handed swingsx20

1-handed swingsx10 L/R

Goblet Squats (large bell)x10

Rowsx10 L/R


Again, done as a complex, no pausing until the bloc is over.


Looked more like:


2-handed swingsx20, x20, x20, x20, x10

1-handed swingsx10, x10, x10, x10, x5 L/R

Goblet Squats (large bell)x10, x5, x5, x5, x1

Rowsx10, x10, x10, x10, x6, x5 L/R


16:15 total time, 8:20 work time.

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It's been hot, and smoky and pretty much awful since the last time I posted. I went 10 days without any activity at all, but it was weighing on me. Started walking a few days ago, in spite of the smoke. 


Weight is 299.3 today. So even though there was an immediate bump after I hit 299-like 3 pounds, not too much-continued fasting seems to still be paying off. 


Took some bloodwork the other day. 2 pumps of test gel (a half-dose) has my T at 200 with .1mg of anastrozole EoD. My TAG is at about 200 still, in spite of not really eating too much in the way of processed carbs(but it's about 50% from last time)...perhaps it will continue to come down some over time. My LDL is up-makes sense with the fats I'm consuming-but it's still within range. HDL has not moved much. 


My liver values have corrected themselves, so it looks like a few months of dieting has reversed any of my obesity-caused liver changes/pressure.


My pharmacy mail-order fucked up my norvasc refill and sent it about 10 days later than it should have been sent, and the mail was predictably slow, so I stopped taking it...I just ran out. But my BP dropped the second day after I stopped taking it. It was unexpected, but my BP has stayed lower than immediately pre-Rx discontinuation, so for about a week.


I decided to keep an eye on it and not start taking it unless my BP starts to rise, or my heart rate becomes an issue. 


All in all, I'm feeling pretty decent about my health these days. 

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Update on the BP meds: It took 2 weeks, but once the washout was complete, my BP came right up to roughly 140/90 again. So I got back on the med. With regular exercise and the meds back onboard, my BP is back into high 120s/high 70s.


I moved all my exercise gear into my garage, bought a large rubber mat, some extra kettlebells, and I'm assembling a pulley system in my garage. I will probably buy a deadlift bar in a few weeks when some extra stock drops into my hands. 


The closer I draw to 275 and below, it will be hard for me to resist gearing up with more plates and a bench and whatnot. 


Current weight was 296 this weekend. Need to buckle down some, but this week has been fraught with all kinds of stress and it's been tough. I have a kid with some medical issues, a wife who has work and home stresses, my wife just got into a car accident today on her way to school, and some other odds n'ends like politics in the US and whatnot.

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16 hours ago, STENDEC said:


Sorry to hear that....hope she is okay Sam.


Regarding your BP, have you looked into Olive Leaf Extract?


Tiny fender bender, but still, accidents are stressful.


BP-wise, I think I've tried about everything. Now that my weight is lower, I'm well-controlled by my meds. If I lose another 25-50 and still haven't achieved better numbers with less meds, I'll have to look into alternatives.

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23 hours ago, STENDEC said:

The human clinical data on OLE is pretty impressive.


In addition to being effective at managing HBP, it also improves insulin sensitivity, beneficially modifies lipids, favorably impacts the course of URIs, and does a bunch of other cool stuff when taken orally.


Fine, you convinced me.


I wish there was a magic pill that was not a statin to raise HDL. Dietary changes reduced TAG, but also reduced my HDL, so I noodle on it from time to time, but can't come up with much.

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Wow. Quite a week. 


After the car accident, and the internet shit, and the kid with the broken toe (got to watch a PA reduce the fracture yesterday-the kid deserved it, lol), and the kid with the embarrassing pooper issues we're trying to resolve, and work shit, I kinda gave up on thursday and friday. The weather is stupid-hot (90-95 for the last week) for October, and I'm just about done with it all. 


Not much working out, but trying to stay "active enough". I'll pick up more when the temp comes down to "normal" hot October. 


My boy Adam will hopefully be dropping his Ohio bar off at my house in a few weeks and I'll caretake Barsheba for him while he lives in SF and doesn't need it. I almost bought an OPB from Rogue the other day, so this was good timing. I hope to see him soon, since I've missed having a little brother type to kick around a bit. At least for a few hours at my house, maybe.


Got up early after my wife left for work this morning. Walked over to Home Depot to try to resolve a problem in a bathroom. Walked back. Rested for about 5 minutes and then hit the kettlebells for 20 minutes:


2.5mi warmup

Lower body warmup

Swings 35x10, 45x10, 50x10

Goblet Squats 35x10, 45x10, 50x10

Clean+press(x3) 35, 45, 50 L/R

Rows with the ghetto pulley setup:

 - Single Arm Pronated x10/supinated x5 L/R@35

 - D-handle rows 70x10x2S


I think that was how it went, more or less. 

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A work acquaintaince lost his battle to cancer and I was notified today. Didn't know him well or have much personal feelings toward him while we worked together, but it's sad to see someone go. He contacted me after he couldn't work any longer and had me assist him in forwarding a package of video game repair parts to him from a US supplier who refused to ship things to the UK, so I helped him.


I hope that his project was able to take his mind off of the pain for a while, and I'm honored to have been able to hopefully help him feel better for a time.


Kettlebell work:


2-hand swingsx20x20S@35lbs in 30:19. Avg HR 123, Max HR 143


Maintained a 50-55sec rest period until my HR wasn't coming down into the 1-teens. After that I rested 10-25 additional seconds to get my HR under 120. Most sets took about 28-30 seconds.


After a 5 minute cool down, I did the following (I think):


Clean and press: 5 each L/R@35 (my newer 35 KB)

Shit, I can't remember...

Something something,

Side bends with the 50lb bell

Goblet squats with the 50lb bell


That was about it. Just 8 minutes of additional work.



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Also, I've lost not really a single pound since I dipped under 300. Summer was rough, physically and emotionally stressful, but I'm through that, now. I still haven't been able to prioritize exercise and eating since late August. That's frustrating, and it's 100% mental. 


Good news: no weight re-gain. 


I've started my ritalin treatment again, and I'm going to switch my eating up to maybe ease up on the mental frustrating part of it (the strict keto and time-restricted aspects of it). I don't know what else I can really do. 


I've tried to get an idea of what some of the more successful trainers/apps do (RP diet and other keto calculators), and I'm trying to find some macros that will be easier to accomplish and still is below my TDEE. It's taking time to get on top of it all.


I also stopped doing more intense and strength workouts, and I'm sure that's part of it, too. As you can see, I'm trying to do that.

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On Monday, I foolishly believed that changing the faucet in my kid's bathroom was going to be a simple affair. It was not. The old valve bodies were so rusted and rotted, they fought me every step of the way. 


8 hours later, I was done, but not after making several trips to home depot for tools I didn't need or want, and didn't work anyways. The first valve body gave in when I gave it a turn with a pipe wrench. The top nut just disintegrated and it fell through. 


The cold valve body was another story completely. That motherfucker. Banging, cranking, twisting, turning, filing, drilling, and cutting were required. I had to pull the pedestal away from the wall for all of this work, too. Hadn't planned on that-but it made an impossible task possible.


Anyways, was pretty beat yesterday. My back was so sore-and is still sore today, too. But the show must go on...



20Sx20R@35lbs. ~50-55sec rest time. Total time was 28:31. Avg HR 117, max 143.


KB Work

Clean and Press

35x5 L/R

45x5 L/R

50x3 L/R



35x5x3S L/R


Triceps Pushdowns





Something like that.





295.1 this AM without even the courtesy of a BM. I'm thinking that my lack of muscle activation has been my missing puzzle piece for the last 2 months where I've lost no weight. Hoping to have fixed that, now.

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