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No role for myonuclear addition to adult muscle hypertrophy ?

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Starring or Supporting Role? Satellite Cells and Skeletal Muscle Fiber Size Regulation 


Satellite Cell-Independent Hypertrophy During Mechanical Overload.


"which provides strong evidence that myonuclear accretion cannot facilitate hypertrophy in adulthood"

“satellite cells themselves do not drive adult muscle fiber growth”



Differential requirement for satellite cells during overload-induced muscle hypertrophy in growing versus mature mice




Fusion-Independent Satellite Cell Communication to Muscle Fibers During Load-Induced Hypertrophy




Fusion-Independent Roles of Satellite Cells in Muscle Adaptation





....continues, delving. 

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Myonuclear Domain Flexibility Challenges Rigid Assumptions on Satellite Cell Contribution to Skeletal Muscle Fiber Hypertrophy



"the critical role for activated satellite cells in response to a hypertrophic stimulus is to participate in extracellular matrix remodeling which ulitmately facilitates growth, at least in Type 2 fibers"




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