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Keeping your Metabolism at a healthy level while dieting long-term

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Any tips?


I have never maintained anything resembling a healthy fatloss diet for more than a few minutes at a time. I find myself having lost over 60 pounds, though, so I've maintained a diet for many months. 


As you all know, I have been following a lazy or dirty keto diet, so high protein and fat. Low(er) carbs-probably 30-50 on good days and closer to 100 on looser days. Kcals are pretty low, but ~2k-ish. 


Recently, I've been getting cold. Deadass fucking cold. Chilled to the bone. Cold when my wife and children are not cold. My body temp has been steadily declining-when COVID started, a typical headscan temp would be in the 97-97.7 range. I'm getting 97.1 and below. I am concerned that months of dieting have left my metabolism pretty sluggish. When I dipped under 300 at the end of August, I didn't lose but 8 pounds at max before November.


So what are the things I should do in order to keep my weightloss continuing, while also not tanking my metabolism in the process.

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This is where the classic zig-zag sort of diet (CKD/Carb Cycling/PSMF) comes in Sam...feast enough to stoke the fires and then cut way back for a bit, just long enough to drive fat loss but not long enough to shut down your metabolism...rinse and repeat.


If you can make it work with your family/lifestyle, I think a generally low carb 5-2 diet with the 2 being essentially PSMF days would likely work pretty well.



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I think this is what I've come up with on my own, too. It makes a bit more sense, now. I'm enjoying not doing a hardcore IF several days per week-eggs are good, man. So I'm having breakfast a few days per week-maybe I'll shift to looser weekends than weeks. I'm trying to integrate more Dumbbell work since I got my DBs. I figure that will help with the furnace, too. Need a bit more protein intake overall. 


With the realization  that I was pretty much grinding myself to dust, yesterday I had a hamburger (bun and all) with an egg, and 3 additional fried eggs for breakfast. Then I had Jack in the box for lunch. Chicken pot pie without the crust for dinner, so a bit more sane of a meal, but still, a nice 3k kcal day with carbs. 


Weighed 291 this AM without a regular BM for a few days, and 289 2 days ago, so I'm still probably on the light side. 

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2 hours ago, Emperor G_D said:

With the realization  that I was pretty much grinding myself to dust,


I came to the same conclusion yesterday when my back went into a total spasm for eight hours....looking forward to some rest next week and good eating.


Careful with the eggs.... 😐



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