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New year, so maybe not a log so much as a spot to intermittently keep track of my progress, hopes and dreams.


This is me now at ~230#




I think I'd be happier 15lbs lighter but don't know for sure that I want to put in the effort diet-wise.


Most of this was done with machines/cable and dumbells over the last six months after a three month COVID hiatus. I have literally not been under a bar in a year now.


Current routine consists of 2-300kcal of cardio on an elliptical or, if I have the stomach for it, 50 flights of stairs on the stepmill and then a pretty traditional split, chest/tris, back/bis, shoulders. I'm doing zip for my legs atm but they don't seem much worse for it...perhaps the cardio is making a difference.


On the diet front, I am shooting for ~150g/pro/day and trying to keep the carbs to a dull roar and not sweating much else.


Supplements include a literal fistful of stuff, notably berberine and ALA to improve insulin sensitivity plus TRT.


Current injury is limited to ongoing left shoulder fuckiness...maybe rotator cuff, maybe lingering disability from major pec tear? It doesn't bother too much, I'm getting some chiropractic work on it which may be helping...Voltaren gel helps immensely. Otherwise, things seem to be all within normal operational parameters.



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So I have added a couple of sets of DB snatch to my other workouts....really gets the blood pumping.


I started ecdysterone about 10 days ago and feel like my strength has taken an unexpected positive jump....maybe related?

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