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  2. Life sucks. Went to a commercial gym 60 seconds away from my house. It was horrible. Here are the comments as I relayed them to my wife: it was painful walking in there. horrible huge rubber weights. strange equipment that takes the place too seriously (ignoring obvious truths about the place), boring people, fat trainers, a trainee who was so bony, and wore a bikini top; yet covered herself as if she were uncomfortable wearing it the manager was a puffy-lipped, fake-boobied older lady whose voice screamed "this is what steroids do to you if you're a girl" So anyways, the place is dreadful. I didn't feel as inspired as maybe they wanted me to feel on my way out the door. "Hey Sam, would you be interested in doing a workout with me today? We can take your bodyfat and other info..." Me: No, that's not what I'm about, but thanks ::sigh:: "workout" Bench Worked up to 225 by tens. 225x5x5 Some incline chest machine thing 3x10 Triceps hell because I fucking can. some weightx20x2S underhand some weightx20x2S Noted as "some weight", because at 90, the weight felt way heavier than Warcat's cable machine, so I backed down to 70 and 60, and for underhand I did 50, but that's totally wrong. So, "some weight"... Biceps Standing DB curls 35x10x2S 35x8 Hammer Curls 40x10 35x10 30x8 That was all my soul had the energy for. I'm still feeling a bit soulless.
  3. Very interesting, esp the nonbenzo aspect of it. I need to take note. Now, this could very well be because I was so sleep deprived, but I dosed my doxylamine yesterday and slept. There may be some promise here. But I'll try and ask my doc about this next time I see her.
  4. You'll need an Rx for it but I cannot recommend trazodone for sleep highly enough. Non-addictive, doesn't play on the benzo receptors at all, no hangover or weird sleep behavior but for me, 6-8hrs of restful sleep full of interesting vivid dreams. It has been a total game changer.
  5. Lol no these Fortniters would die. Last time I played dodgeball with them(about a year ago) I couldn't throw at all. Sunday I was on target haha. But no these balls are soft. I was wearing jeans and took one to the crotch. I definitely felt it and knew where it hit but walked off. I swear I hit one right there wearing gym shorts and he didn't flinch. Like I said not the same haha. Shoulder was not bothered by dodgeball. But my right biceps definitely wasn't used to it. Made doing a pull workout weird today. Arm felt off especially during the curls. Here was today's workout: Sumo deadlift 385 for 5 sets of 2 reps. Tried to do these beltless and was rough. Last set put the belt on and it was easy. Chest supported rows 180*8,3,3,3 Face pulls 130*9 mTor BB curl 100*11,3,3,3 I did more than last time by my right arm just felt funny haha Got a good bit of walking done today. Walked 15 minutes before lunch and then walked another hour 15 at 7pm with a friend. Sunday I had an older lady from my church kind of try and set me up with a girl. I have always gone to a bigger church where I never really met people except in passing. It was a new experience. Basically this older lady(Pam) called me over. Dang it I can't quite remember how it went. But basically her friend Judy who was there as well works with a girl(Ashley) that they thought they should mentioned. Apparently they didn't discuss it very much though because Pam didn't know much about Ashley haha. Apparently she just finished her masters in psychology and I didn't quite catch what she was trying to do career wise(2 women talking). Tried to figure out an age but apparently that is unknown as well. Pam asked if she was a Christian and Judy didn't know so that kind of killed the discussion plus church was starting. Got barely enough information to make me wonder why they mentioned her to me but not enough to figure out who she is.
  6. What dose of K2 is everyone using? Just noticed that it was in my multi, but not sure if it's the optimal dose.
  7. 19/05/20 BENCH C3W2 BRO PAUSE BENCH 135x5 185x5 225x5 285x5,4,4 BRO CG SPOTO PRESS 245x7,6 BRO CGBP 225x10,8 SEATED NAUTILUS ROW superset BAND PULLAPARTS x20 3PPSx15 3PPS+10x4x10 EZ PREACHER CURLS superset INCLINE EZ TRI EXTENSIONS 80x12,10,8 80x12,12,12 You know, all said and done I'm pretty fucking pumped about this workout. For the past 10 days I've been averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep a day. On Sat night I managed to get about 7, but I'm really in pretty bad shape after stopping my sleep aid. The benadryl hasn't worked, so I will try doxylamine today to see if it helps. It's really too bad how I'm feeling a little better psychologically in ways I cannot explain (focused, in a weird way), but my working memory is so completely shot I'm even starting to speak backwards, write things incorrectly, and make other mistakes like this. I have an animal surgery scheduled tomorrow, so I better fucking get to sleep or I might lose my shit. But back to the point, I exceeded expectations and hit a total of 13 reps with 285 when I intended on hitting 9, lol. I actually tried for a 5th both times and failed at lockout (like 3-4", not exactly close, but def where the triceps take over). I dont really think this is a tricep issue as much as it is being gassed. I could hardly keep my eyes open on my way to the gym, until my preWO kicked in. Hopefully I sleep tonight.
  8. 19/05/19 LOWER ATP BELT SQUAT 2Px5,10 added band above knees 2Px10,10 3Px10,5<-- RPE 9.5 LYING LEG CURL 130x12,12,12 HANGING VUPS BWx10,10,10
  9. Yesterday
  10. What? They are not the red rubber balls with the crosshatch embossed pattern that got tattooed on your leg from a good hit?
  11. I found nothing subjective or objective to note from several months of high dose Mg supplementation.
  12. I've always noticed a difference in muscle tension when I forget to take magnesium, and its a life saver after parties do note that i'm of the high strung types, so YMMV
  13. Haha no, these are not the dodgeballs of our youth. In fact I think when I was in school they started getting closer to the softer dodgeballs. In a good county for schools and it was the new school(elementary). Trying to recall if we did dodgeball in middle school or not. Would have been more likely to have some old school dodgeballs there haha. Got to remember I go to the mega church in my town that attracts plenty of rich people that wouldn't want their precious angels(👿) getting discomforted in anyway. The balls actually flew pretty good just no bite with the hit. Got a few of them pretty good. I did go head to head with one of them when we did the start where you run up to the center line to grab the dodgeballs. He definitely got rocked.
  14. When I have money to get a #weightvest, I'll be doing all kinds of things with it. Things that don't need to be done work it. Sex, cooking, mowing the lawn. I'd really like to have one for pullups, dips, pushups, and transverse plane lower body stuff
  15. lol wtf But actually I remember a funny story about dodgeball in middle school myself. I was in this school in bumfuck nowhere, the only Latino and the only non-black, dark-skinned kid in the school, and had some issues my first year there because of it (not to mention issues being the new kid). My cousin Danielle was in the same grade as I, although she was a year older, and was a very tough girl in spite of her looks. For my first year there, anytime somebody gave me problems, she would fuck their shit up. Anyways, one after PE I was recounting the events with another friend of how this guy Brandon (a friendly guy towards me, although he was pretty big and had a reputation for getting physical) who I was playing dodgeball with knocked me the fuck out due to how the ball hit my gut and winded me. My cousin overheard this and approached me asking for names. I tried assuring her that it was seriously nothing and just part of the game, but the buddy I shared the information with told her his name anyways. That afternoon at home, I hear about how my cousin got detention and suspension for fighting in school. The next day, I see Brandon with a huge, bruised eye, looking kinda bummed out. Felt bad, but was also kind of funny.
  16. Playing dodgeball with children isn't worth playing unless some of them go to the hospital. On a sorta-related note, I'm no longer welcome at the Worthington middle school. I'm not really sure if I was ever "welcome" but they've made it pretty clear they prefer I don't come back.
  17. I hope you sent a few of them home with bruised faces.
  18. What are we talking about again? Didn't yall just miss me here? HAHA I ended up seeing Emily today as I kind of expected. Went to the middle school ministry thing for school getting out. Short awkward talk where I told her my sister is pregnant because I knew that was something she cared about and was praying for. I played in the dodgeball tournament they had. My right are is going to be dead tomorrow. I forgot how bad it beats up my biceps throwing. Tomorrow is a pull day as well. Should be interesting.
  19. Last week
  20. Or meth or coke, or amp...nope. Holy shit nope.
  21. I am generally only posting in this when I do something notably different or hit some kind of PR. Have added in Jefferson Deadlifts with Kettlebells Have re-added banded swings and may add in banded presses - thanks @mwarren! Hit a PR just now rep-wise on swings with the 203 - 20 full RKC swings - yes, @Emperor G_D , I wax between kilos and pounds with this KB and yes it is to make myself feel like a tuff gai. Have been racking up extra reps with pull-ups lately - No, @Kimbo, not the diapers, though early morning creatine makes me consider it.
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