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  3. DB Ext Rotation 10X20X2 DB Supine Curl 15X30 DB Strict Hammer Curl 15X30 Standing Calf Raise BWX30X2 Knee Pushup X15X2 I stretched my lower back too much and now it hurts. I hate when I did things that I know are stupid. I'm stupid. I am stupid. Me stupid.
  4. I don't think it does in healthy people since it bypasses 1st pass metabolism but I took it out based on his order. Like I mentioned before, I argued with him about keeping a little something going and he was having none of it. My enzymes did go way down after dropping it, but it could have also been the viral load shrinking. But, this is a special case and perhaps the virus prevents the breakdown of cholesterols. I just don't know and can't did instances of TD use with hep C on Google Scholar. In short, I need to listen to him if I want treatment. Whenever I can go back on, the oral undecanoate option looks favorable if insurance pays for it. The only thing I hate about transdermal is the possibility of transference.
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  6. Here is my workout from today: Leg extensions 6-8-10 drop set 200,150,100 Pec deck mtor 170 for 8 Military press thick bar rest pause 175 for 7,2,1 Close grip decline bench press rest pause 295 for 8,1,1 Got off balance on the second set and it was just downhill for the decline haha. But I won't complain about 8 reps. It was a pretty narrow grip. Got a little more sun today haha. Took 3 laps around the neighborhood shirtless in the AM. I might do a little reading outside to try and get a little more. I like to think I soak up the sun pretty well. I decided to do some abs at the gym today. They have cramped up really bad when I have tried crunching over too much. Figure some abs might alleviate that. Plus I am going to the beach in a little over a week haha. The top section doesn't look terrible all things considered, but the bottom has room for improvement haha.
  7. Shoulders PowerHIIT, Arnie Press, Front/Lateral DB Raises, Single Arm Landmine Press, Wide Cable Shrugs, KB Lateral Raises
  8. It does look like those small hauling/moving scams where they load your furniture on the truck and then refuse to unload it unless you pay more for the "unexpected" extra weight.
  9. This is why I don't do cardio. I don't want to suddenly lose all my bodyfat.
  10. I just don't see how transdermal TRT would impact liver enzymes at all.
  11. Isn't that just how you're supposed to eat papa john's pizza? As an aside, it's sad to see one of the former greats reduced to shilling Papa Johns pizza.
  12. Where are you? I'll pretend to be your lawyer of you're close. I will get you a settlement.
  13. Dude fuck that shit. That's sketchy as FUCK. HELL NAW. They can't sell your shit without trying to contact you. Threaten them with a lawsuit for the difference in value of the items and hardship minus the cost of those missed payments. Very fucking shady. And they know it.
  14. Another good session, though it wasn't a PR day. I guess my pullup volume was a PR. I'm just pleased with the consistency. One more week of the cycle/wave before I go back to bamboo benching for my heavy day and I'll do it for squatting this time, too. One thing I learned from this cycle is that I need to choose a weight I can hit for 3 reps at RPE 9 for my first day of the microcycle. That way I can build it up to 5 over 3 weeks. This cycle, the weights were too heavy and its harder to make progress from a 1RM and adding reps to it than starting with a 4RM. Lesson learned. I'm going to keep doing 3-4 week waves of bamboo work followed by 3 week waves of bringing a top set of 3 up to a top set of 5 or more. The bamboo work really added muscle and got me a lot stronger. Then, I need to to the heavy work to keep neural efficiency. Of course this will change when I get closer to the meet. I'm going to keep waving the CAT days in 3-4 week cycles throughout until I'm close to the meet as well. At 6-8 weeks out (so November) I'll have Kim help me peak so I don't fuck it up. I'll pay for another gym membership in the neighboring city so I can deadlift at that time. Alright, so now that my plan is explained, here was today: Bench 45X20 95X10 135X8 185X5 225X4 275X2 275X1 315X3 technically a PR but Jamie put her hands on it in fear that my pec would get hurt. It slowed down. It usually doesn't. Pullup BWX14 grip 1 BWX14 grip 2 BWX14 grip 3 had to rest-pause at the end but I'm getting good at these again! Slowly but surely... Press 95X12 95X10 95X9 Couldn't go heavy today. Just needed a break. Incline Prone DB Row 20X20 50X12X2 Shit, those are a nice movement! Mikey likey Cable Crossover (Something light)X20 Strict Hammer Curl 40X8 30X8 20X12 At home: DB Ext Rotation 10X12X2 Pushup 0X15 Supine DB Curl 10X30 Single Leg Standing Calf Raise 0X15X2 Standing Calf Raise 0X30x2 I'm on a mission for that hyper trophy until November
  15. Just the TUDCA+taurine that you/Ben recommend awhile back. I think stopping the TRT made a big difference. My doctor said TRT doses of up to 200mg per week don't seem to elevate liver enzymes dangerously, at least in his experience with the few trt patients he's had. But he said for me, taking any trt at all would cause elevation in enzymes because of the stress on the tissues from the hep virus. So, my test is probably still really low, but I am able to get a good boner again so it has recovered at least enough.
  16. Wonderful to hear. 😊 Here's some eating inspirational video for you.
  17. Nothing too crazy compared to others I have heard. Grew up in church which a lot of the students could relate to. Just learned the rules to follow when people were paying attention. Definitely some depression/anxiety starting around 5th grade(didn't mention that). Ended up bottling everything up inside me which eventually led to emotional meltdowns. Tried smoking weed when I was in 7th grade. Did that for a bit but it just wasn't for me. Only seemed to make me paranoid. Got drunk for the first time the summer going into my 9th grade year. Basically just poured alcohol down my throat. Every time I drank it was basically just waiting for whatever I had buried inside to explode out of me after pouring alcohol down. The drinking would be pretty sporadic just because I didn't really have easy access to it. In high school I found lifting and that became my go to for coping. Could only workout so much though. I think I took my first cycle of DS at 19. Had a party when I was 20 and the cops came. I woke up in the hospital. That put a damper on the drinking. But instead of dealing with any of my issues(went to a therapists for a bit) I just went to porn more. Porn had been around for a while but that is when I would say it became an addiction. I think at one point I even stopped lifting. Seriously don't know how I lived like I did. Just wasn't taking care of myself at all. Fell asleep driving down the highway. I got diagnosed with sleep apnea but my bigger problem was I was staying up all night watching porn and then would wake up and watch more. It is crazy to think back to how I was "living" then. Big change happened when my sister got cancer. I started helping out with her taking her to appointments and all. She got me to go back to church(different one than where I grew up). Was still addicted to porn and not really trying to stop. Then she had chemo treatment and her immune system was tanked plus she had/s a cat. Her boyfriend at the time(now husband) was taking care of her a lot but then he had to go out of town for 2 weeks for work. So I stayed with her for 2 weeks. And for some reason I couldn't bring myself to watch porn at my sister's house. I think God used that as an opportunity to show me I didn't have to live like that which for a long time I figured that was just going to be my life. I am not sure why it got that bad but it did. I don't have some good excuse or anything. That is definitely more than I told the middle schoolers but they got part of that. With them it was funny story, scripture, and bottom line focused. Hoping it had an impact of some of them. They seemed to pay attention. Alright so here was my workout from today: Lying leg curl 6-8-10 with 160,100,50 Straight arm pull down mtor 130 for 9 High row machine Hammer Strength rest pause 320 for 9,4,3 Preacher curl mtor 120 for 7. Was planning on doing 110 again but accidentally used it as a warm up and it was easy haha. Today got some sun. I got a nice farmer's tan going on right now. Went in the back yard and did some reading/writing shirtless. Stay out there about 30 minutes and sweat haha. Then decided to walk shirtless around the neighborhood for another 25 minutes. Going to the beach the 25th-27th so I figure I might get a little sun ahead of time. Plus my bacne is looking great haha.
  18. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    No lifting while I'm on vacation. But I'm getting in a shit ton of walking. I did about 11 miles yesterday, and I may hit 13 by the end of today.
  19. Well at least you got shit done. No pun intended. Well, maybe a little. If it makes you feel any better, I'm stopped up like a mother fucker, and would much prefer to have stuff leaking out of me at the moment.
  20. It sounds as if they were just looking for an excuse to sell your shit off. It sounds sketchy.
  21. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    If only that was actually a problem.
  22. Last week
  23. It was a wild time of my life when I made arrangements with storage to store my things. I thought I remember certain things one way, but I've checked records like my credit card statements and see something else entirely. Nonetheless, evidently I was never on an autopay system, even though I remember not only signing up for it but also seeing a charge on my card when I wanted to make sure it was working as intended. God knows what I saw instead of a charge, because I can't find it anymore. Anyways, they had all of my contact info, but they sent correspondences to the wrong address every time. By law, they should have contacted me. But if they send correspondence to an address that differs from what I wrote on the form, dont I have a recourse here? The other thing affecting my case is the fact they advertised a storage unit sale in the local paper and apparently specifically mentioned my delinquency in the ad. I don't know what "specifically mentioned" means, as this is coming from my mother who spoke to them. What's severely frustrating to me is I stopped by the unit and spoke to the people in December, months after I had signed up for the unit. I spoke to them and asked for a key to my unit as I had forgotten to bring one with me when I visited the unit to take some books out of storage. I wonder why that wasn't brought up then (it's a mom and pop operation, not a big business; the secretary knew me by name). I bear responsibility for not being on top of this, but I am really frustrated because it's not like I didnt have the money to pay this or like I wanted to avoid paying for this. AFAIK payments were being made and I was on an autopay system that would continue until I closed my account with them. Anyways, I basically have no furniture, no expensive and invaluable rock or arthropod or stamp or money collections, no rare CD collections (holy fuck I forgot that was in storage until this second), no kitchen supplies, no decorations, and none of my books, textbooks, written materials, drawings and other artwork, so that's not great.
  24. Wow dude. That's fucked up. Can you take any sort of legal action?

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Me (to a 125lb twig of a cardio bunny): You should try doing some resistance exercise...mix it in with your cardio... Her: Oh I can't do that, I don't want to get bulky! 🙄
  26. This formulation has been around for a long time as Restandol, just not used in the US...it's oil based and designed for lymphatic absorption which is how it gets around first pass liver metabolism. Problem is that the absorption is all over the map, wildly different from person to person and highly affected by when it is taken.
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