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  2. We once worked up a "sarcasm" tag because we had so many issues with that. I might look into that again... Sorry to hear about dinner. Hope it happens soon.
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  4. My plan is to cook an low carb Philly cheese steak casserole that I have made a handful of times already. Do something I know. https://skinnysouthernrecipes.com/low-carb-philly-cheese-steak-casserole/?fbclid=IwAR3SLkipK_Fiw8b9L3SYOdd-IKWzlJuquvp8iTNhsV_zL2mzUSGvOccJZdc She is pretty adventurous when it comes to food so that won't be an issue. First date took her to "the hole in the wall" Korean restaurant in town and got her to try "spicy" pork(dwaejigogi). Later took her to a more authentic Mexican restaurant and ordered her lengua(cow tongue). She didn't know what it was till afterwards, and continued to eat it after I told her. Sarcasm doesn't always work in text haha. But it is looking like our dinner will have to be rescheduled. She woke up with a migraine and throwing up.
  5. lol men cooking is "progressive" in your world?
  6. I think this was unnecessary. I'm just illustrating that most people actively using RPE are just doing it fucking. wrong. (so fucking wrong, y'all. They literally have *no idea* what they are doing) A fair point, but a tool designed for a few people is largely useless. I realize that as an elitist, you're all about that sort of thing... This is mostly tongue-in-cheek, so take it fwiw.
  7. Ditto. I think RPE is a very good buffer against overtraining because it is actually sensitive to parameters like sleep, nutrition and illness, but it requires getting to a certain level of intuitive understanding of what exertion entails for you. People being tools doesn't make the tool a poor tool. Just means tools should stick to being tools and stay in the shed and out of the gym.
  8. Happy father's day to any of yall that have kids. Here was my workout from today: Deadlift conventional! 405 for 5 sets of 3 pretty easy. Definitely a good idea to sub out the sumo. I really think that tweaked my hip. Chest supported rows 195 for 10,3,3,2 Face pull 80 for 10,3,3,3,3 decided to switch these to myo reps instead of mtor BB curl 125 for 9,3,3,3 So I told Bri about my living situation. No big reaction, wasn't like thrilled about it haha but understood. Personally I wouldn't like her living with a guy but I find her attractive. Bri is actually coming over tomorrow for dinner. I am cooking, we are progressive like that haha. I generally don't have much trouble opening up about my struggle with porn. I told the 2 girls I was in a serious relationship about it fairly easily. It was pretty easy with Emily because she already knew. But it was definitely hard telling Bri. I think it was because I was more worried it would scare her off. Which is kind of comical looking at the grand scheme of things. She has been pretty open with me about her past.
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  10. It's a valid point. It's often misunderstood, but it's also not something lifters can real feel until they've gotten to the intermediate level. Before then they just have no idea what an RPE 8 feels like. I think that the idea behind using RPE is pretty simple - base your training off of how strong you are on that particular day. It fixes several problems that I've always had with percentage based programs. If you can utilize it properly then I think it's a fantastic tool. If it's not your cup of tea, though, and percentages just make more sense to you, then go with that. I can see someone getting frustrated with RPE if it just doesn't feel right to them. YDY.
  11. I was looking for some chatter between myself and @Atlasnow about the toolbags from the old gym. IIRC, they were hashtagging the shit out of themselves for "RPE PRs", and I just thought...bro, if you did an RPE 7 and that was somehow a PR, you're doing it wrong. The RPE douchebaggery was so striking that we started calling people out for their "rest period RPEs" and their "walking to the car RPEs" and whatnot. I know that I've found RPE to be difficult to use, and % is just so much damned easier for me, and when I'm firing on all cylinders, I think RPE and % converge at some point. But most people? Most people don't understand the concept at all, and that's always been the thing I have against RPE.
  12. I agree with my esteemed colleague. In addition I suggest yoga. We are older and still need to move. When I actually go to the gym is for some Netflix and treadmill.
  13. So misunderstood, misused, misapplied...doesn't matter if it's more effective, if the people using it don't have a clue what it means.
  14. Just buy two 100lb plates and keep them in your car at all times.
  15. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=31009432 J Strength Cond Res. 2019 Apr 17. Autoregulation by "Repetitions in Reserve" Leads to Greater Improvements in Strength Over a 12-Week Training Program Than Fixed Loading. Graham T1, Cleather DJ. Author information Abstract Graham, T and Cleather, DJ. Autoregulation by "repetitions in reserve" leads to greater improvements in strength over a 12-week training program than fixed loading. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2019-Autoregulated (AR) training involves altering resistance session parameters based on the athlete's readiness to train. One potential benefit of AR training may be that training intensity can reflect an athlete's increasing strength level throughout a training program and can be contrasted with fixed loading (FL) where the load is stipulated at the start of the program. In this study, 31 resistance-trained men participated twice weekly in an AR or a FL squat program. For the FL group, the load was prescribed as a percentage of the pre-test 1-repetition maximum, whereas for the AR group, the load was prescribed based on the number of "repetitions in reserve," such that the intensities were theoretically the same (volume was also matched). Both groups showed a significant increase in front squat (FS) and back squat (BS) performance, but the magnitude of this was significantly greater for the AR program (FS: AR +11.7%, FL +8.3%, p = 0.004, ηp = 0.255; BS: AR +10.8%, FL +7.1%, p = 0.006, ηp = 0.233). The AR group was trained at a greater intensity (average weekly intensity; FS: AR 83.2 ± 13.3%, FL 80.4 ± 10.0%, p < 0.001, ηp = 0.240; BS: AR 83.6 ± 12.7%, FL 80.4 ± 10.0%, p = 0.006, ηp = 0.159). The results of this study support the contention that AR can be used to accommodate the increasing strength level of the athlete during the course of a program and that such a strategy is effective in eliciting greater strength adaptations across 12 weeks.
  16. Ras

    Sanction lifted

    This makes me feel more than ever that you should convert to the kettlebell and calisthenics club. That shit, as useful as it is for grounding and mindfulness, is also cognitively exhausting. If you find you are missing it, I am sure the community here can oblige in terms of enabling self-flagellation and body shaming. I will rename Nathan Greyhound Ian Greyhound for starters.
  17. I have drifted back into the gym a few times. Mostly I am doing this as mindfulness exercise on what I hate about it. Is there a way to make going to the gym enjoyable? After the first 3 minutes of ordeal and misery, I do love the feeling of lifting weights at times. Being in the gym activates my self-criticism -- I don't have a plan, I'm not doing 5-3-1, I am not keto, I don't use test enthanate, I don't bench 250+, I am weaker than everyone else in the room, I am too skinny, Blah blah blah.says the mental chatter. But each time I am glad that I went.
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    Tried to do my workout today and had to bag it. Just could not wake up, even after a cup of coffee and a few hits of an energy drink. I'll try again tomorrow.
  19. I don't think it's exclusive to millennials But millennial females are the ones of my concern lol. It was a nice surprise. I am not against dogs or even cats I just don't have the desire to own one. I was open to it if I ended up with a woman who wanted one but the ideal would be pet free. I went to a camp Bri worked/volunteered at Friday got introduced as her boyfriend by her 16 year old sister. Oh and got invited to a Father's day dinner that night. It was an interesting(good way) day. Spent a lot of time with her which I enjoyed. Decided I am just going to tell her I rent a room from a woman I know from church. Think it would not be great to just spring it on her by just introducing them in person. But I will tell her in person. Feel like that is a decent middle ground. Here is my workout from yesterday Pendlay row 290 for 5 sets of 3 Romanian deadlift 285 for 9 mtor Straight arm pullover 120 for 9,3,3,3 Bent over lateral raise 45 for 10,3,3,3,3 Incline DB curl 40 for 6 mtor And then my workout from today Bench 280 for 8 reps and it was kind of easy Close grip floor press 275 for 8,3,1 Hack squat did 3 warm up sets ended with 225 and decided to hold off a little longer. Did some leg extensions. DB shoulder press 75 for 8 mtor, this is the most I had done. Had been stuck at 7 reps for a bit. French press machine 170 for 10 mtor I am liking my results. Can tell I am getting stronger on my lift and leaning out. My weight was 242 tonight with everything on. So I usually subtract 3 pounds or so. Curious what I would be with a morning weigh in. 242 is not bad at all after having carbs last night. Had a ribeye steak, mashed potatoes, and a sweet potato then later had a Arby's bacon beef brisket cheddar sandwich with some popcicles lol. Tonight I was going to try and get a burger, fries, and fish tacos from this pub but they closed the kitchen. I honestly could probably wait a few days and have carbs then and be ok haha.
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  21. Having glossed over the rubber plates comment in @STENDEC's post, I think you're in good shape if you are in a shitty gym and have 2" bumpers. My old Gold's had at least 3" black 45s. Probably a bit bigger than 3", honestly. In fact, I saw a pic of them earlier today while I was trying to figure my fitness situation out:
  22. That was going to be my next question. Makes sense now.
  23. Given rules surrounding bumperweight on platforms and whatnot at bullshit gyms, that brings the available room on a sleeve to about 3 or 4 plates...
  24. 10" sleeves seem pretty common among trap bar manufacturers. Standard Olympic steel plates are about 1.25" thick so you should be able to load a bar with 10" sleeves with 630lbs of plates leaving plenty of room for clips. All bets are off, of course, if your gym is equipped with 2" thick rubber covered plates....in which case you are probably going to top out at about 405.
  25. The old trap bars at my gold's were fucking TINY. Maybe 405 would fit on it, but I wouldn't bet money on it.
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