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  2. Well put. I WISH they had some implements. Gym changes will be happening soon though. I've gotta see what the new work gym looks like then decide if I need to get a membership at one of the serious gyms in the bigger neighboring city. About time to step away from the shit-gym.
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  4. Heavy squats make heavy squats. Many squats make heavy quads. So squat more and heavier. Hit the leg press afterwards and grind yourself down a little bit more. Also, if your shit-tastic gym has a prowler or sled of some sort, that can be a wonderful quad stimulus, too.
  5. mwarren

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Oh, he was just saying what was on his mind haha
  6. Let's just be optimistic about it. I started getting spasms recently, Sam, and didn't know exactly what the feeling was or how to deal with it. I mean, shiiit. Luckily, hasn't happened for 2 nights but i still made an appointment to discuss it with the doc to prepare for referrals.
  7. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    How do you always know just what to say? ❤️
  8. Hopefully they'll be heavy front squats eventually lol. Knee pain was the first order of business. I'm doing FS Monday, full HB squat Wed, and comp squat Friday. You're right, though, probably, if you're thinking that I'll need more specific work to heavy squatting and less overall work. I'm just not there with the quads yet.
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  10. Yep. Actually moved the kitchen into what was the dining area so new cabinets, plumbing, electrical, etc. Right now, I am living in my basement because they are refinishing the floors upstairs.
  11. I can't wait to see this phase grind you down. You'll never get to 500+ with light Fsquats, tho...
  12. I still think it's a bit premature, but I'm feeling like I've turned the corner. Much better than 2 months ago, sobbing at my wife because I couldn't get a decent night's rest without spasms...
  13. Yeah, that kind of work wrecks me.
  14. I think the two pieces of advice could go either way. Non-impact swimming (IOW: not running in water, but actual swimming) might be fine. Cycling uses the AT, which is probably why there is a stress fracture, so maybe none of that.
  15. Just saw the kitchen post. New plumbing and all? I couldn't really train when I was fixing our house. Fucking joints got all sore and hands were weak. I hate houses and I hate fixin em. Although I would like to upgrade to a Jacuzzi style tub that I can actually fit in...
  16. Glad to see things appear to be on the mend for you.
  17. Legs (weighted vest for all) Goblet Squats, Step Ups, Prisoner Squats, Walking Weighted Lunges, GHR
  18. Well, my advice is worth what you paid for it....
  19. Kimbo

    Kimbo's PR Log

    Haven't lifted since Saturday due to anxiety and stomach issues (most likely related). Noon A. Oly Squat Warmup 100x2 No bounce, felt heavy 90x5 No bounce 105x1 No bounce 95x5 No bounce 110x1 No bounce 100x5 No bounce 115x1 105x5 120x1 110x5@9 Notes: I was aggravated with how weak I felt, so I did some heavier singles in between sets to fire up my nervous system. More this afternoon, theoretically.
  20. WEEK 17- SQUAT REBUILD- INTENSIFICATION- DAY 2 A. Front Squat, full ROM, ramping 5s to top set @ RPE 7-8, controlled tempo. 95X5 135X5 185X5 225X1 255X5 RPE 7.5 B. Deadlift 5 reps 1-0-X-1, reset reps Do one set @ RPE 9-9.5, then drop the weight 10% and do sets until you hit RPE 9-9.5 again 385X5 RPE 8.5-9 335X5 RPE 8 335X5 RPE 9 Ran out of steam quickly today. I'm going to stick with this weight and add volume until the deload. C. Overhead Press 5 reps 1-1-X-1 Do one set @ RPE 9-9.5, then drop the weight 10% and do sets until you hit RPE 9-9.5 again 190X5 RPE 9.5 170X5 RPE 9 fuck 170X4 RPE 10 Well, I don't know how I got the 190X5 but it was amazing. After that, I had nothing left. I'm going to stay there and they to add volume until the next deload.  D. Pullup Fun (30s between sets) Grip 1X14 Grip 2X7 Grip 3X5 Grip 4X3 I'm happy with the progress I've made on my OHP strength. Now, I need to build the volume. I'm happy with everything rise right now as well. DL is fine where it's at for now. I think what will really allow my lifts to increase is getting my OHP, front squat, and Coan Row up.
  21. Deadlifts Worked up to 295 295x5 340x5 385x8 Joker: 430x5 FSL: 295x15 Ab Rollouts 3x8 Morning walk, .56 miles Been having lots of lower leg and low back fatigue on walks. Fairly certain it's my footwear. Today I wore my wrestling shoes, and my pace was up and my pain levels were down. That might be diagnostic...
  22. The only thing I know about fractures is to not make them worse. That will be $400 please. I know nothing about long distance running. Consultation fee: pro bono. So I'll advise you on what my feelings tell me. Anyone who wants to run a long long time has something wrong in the head. Probably bad parenting. So, both of you -- see a shrink, get a brain scan, go to Runners Anonymous. Pay what you can.
  23. Bazinga or whatever you guys say at IBM
  24. Funny, sports doctor advice is to not do any swimming, cycling, etc. But only 3 weeks.
  25. Chest & Tris Low Angle Incline DB Press, High Cable Flyes, Single Arm Pressdowns, Single Arm Pulldowns, Cable Pullovers
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